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Do I Need a Website, a Blog, or a Website with a Blog?

Aug 24, 2019 | BY Admin | Website, Blogs

If you’re building a brand new site, you might be wondering if you need a website, a blog, or a website with a blog! At, you can create any one of these easily.

Setting Up A WordPress Website

You can use to create a professional website with engaging content. We have features to help businesses, professionals, non-profits, event coordinators, and e-commerce entrepreneurs create powerful websites.

Pick your theme

Start with a theme that has a homepage design you love or adapt any theme to have a static homepage with one easy change. Find out more about our collection of themes, and how to add your new favorite theme to your website:

All improvements and bug fixes are quicker and released at regular intervals so that you do not have to wait for ages to harness the latest developments.

The flexibility of the Open Source framework is another reason why ASP.Net Core is a preferred choice for developers. Depending on the project requirement, you can add framework components, libraries, etc. Moreover, when an updated version or new package is available, you do not need to upgrade the entire framework. This definitely helps save time.

Add Pages

Pages are where you’ll add your website’s static content. Adding Pages is straightforward using the WordPress editor. If you prefer to add your Page content using HTML, you can dive right in with the HTML editor too.

Choose your Homepage

Your next step is to choose a Page to be your website’s homepage. You can do this in your Homepage Settings in the Customizer. Here is a video overview of how you can do this:

Once inside your Homepage Settings in the Customizer, select the static page option below the text Your homepage displays.

When you do that, two dropdowns will appear. One of those dropdowns is titled Homepage. Click on the dropdown and select the Page you’d like to make your site’s homepage. Remember to click on the Publish button at the top of the Customizer panel to save your changes.

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